Relaxing Evening with Zoella Beauty

by - April 04, 2018

I haven't been feeling too well recently - I have had a cold and there's nothing better than a relaxing pamper evening to help me feel better. Zoella Beauty is one of my go-to pamper evening brand. So I wanted to share the products I use.

I do love a lovely bubbly hot bath when I'm ill and my favourite product for the bath is the Bath Latte Bath and Shower Milk. It smells so good and adds bubbles as well. The packaging also looks pretty on the side of the bath.

Candles are another must-have for relaxing evening and the Let it Glow candle is gorgeous! As the candle is quite small it fits really nicely on the edge of the bath. And as its the original scent it smells so good too.

My favourite shower gel at the moment is the Shower Shake Shower Gel - gorgeous scent and formulation. Makes your skin feel lovely and soft and the packaging is also really cute!

After a lovely bath, I do love a good moisturiser - Wonderous Whip Body Cream is really nice. The lightly whipped formula sinks into the skin really well and leaves your skin lovely and moisture!   

Hope you like this post and hope you have a lovely day.

Please comment your go-to pamper evening brand and follow.

Sarah X

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