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Monday, 12 March 2018

What Makeup And Beauty Means To Me

I have loved makeup and beauty for quite a while - one of the main reasons I started my blog was to find similar minded people who love makeup and beauty.

I have never been the most confident of people - always the shy one fo the group and don’t particularly like taking photos of myself. But makeup for me is something that gives me a confidence as well as showing my creative. As I cant draw or paint that well but after a lot go practice I can do winged eyeliner and create a range of eye makeup looks.  

One story I remember on a school ski trip we had a 27-hour coach journey and I took my makeup off when all the lights are out on the coach so no one could see that I took my makeup off. As soon I finished taking my makeup off we stopped at a service station - I was so self-conscious walking around a service station with no makeup. I know it sounds sad but hardly any of my friends have seen me without makeup and they could be every imperfection I cover up. I have to far come a long way since then - I do have days wear a wear much less makeup than I did and still feel confident. 

Makeup and Beauty is also an escape for me - I love watching Youtube makeup tutorial or any beauty video, PatrickStarrr and NIkkieTutorials are 2 of my fave makeup youtubers. Whenever I’m having a bad day I watch one of these videos and it makes me feel much better as I’m concentrating what’s on the video and not what happened during the day. Same as int he evenings I sully look through websites like  Beauty Bay or Debenhams Beauty to see if there are any new products that I may want to any other products I can read reviews on before buying it.  Looking, watching and reading about makeup and beauty products is something I enjoy doing and I personally find quite relaxing. As you don’t like looking at a pretty palette (like the new ABH one - gorgeous) or a gorgeous lipstick (the new Dior ones :0) 

So overall makeup and beauty is something that gives me confidence but also I enjoy and find relaxing.

It would be amazing if you could comment ‘What Makeup and Beauty Means to Me’ as I would to hear what your thoughts are.

I hope you like this post and have a lovely day.

Sarah X 

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