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Friday, 23 March 2018

My High End Lipstick Collection

I love collecting high end lipsticks, but I love that I have a certain event/meaning behind them. For example I got my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick as a gift after completing my GCSEs or YSL Lipstick I got with my friends on the way to Iceland.

I own 4 MAC Lipsticks which are Velvet Teddy, Brave, Patisserie and MACxFleurDeForce. I love all of them - they are gorgeous shades and great for everyday. My first high end lipsticks I ever brought was the MAC classic Velvet Teddy, when I was doing GCSEs 2 years ago. I love the brown tones of the lipstick and the long wearing of it.  Brave is a gorgeous pink lipstick - lovely for everyday. And the satin finish formulation is long wearing but not drying. Patisserie is a nude lipstick, great when you have a smokey brown eye or a natural makeup day. And Fleur de Force has been one of my favourite youtube for a while and I was lucky enough to meet in 2014 so when she announced she was bringing out a Mac lipstick of course I had to get it!

My one and only high end liquid lipstick is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipstick is Crush. I picked this up on a holiday is Canada in the Sephora store - I had heard great things about the ABH liquid lipsticks and ‘Crush’ is a gorgeous pink. Personally I quite like the formulation of the their liquid lipsticks, they are slightly drying but comfortable.

I do rave about Charlotte Tilbury makeup on my blog - I do love their products and packaging. And even though they are expensive I think they are worth the price. I own 2 CT lipsticks - Kidmans Kiss and English Beauty. Both gorgeous pink lipsticks (as you can probably already tell I wear I lot of pink lipstick ;)) - Kidmans Kiss is more of a rosy pink and English Beauty is more of a nude browny pink. They are both part of Charlotte’s Matte Revolution range - but even though they are matte they still add moisture to your lips and don’t drying at all. The formulation is also long wearing.

Another brand which has beautiful packaging is YSL - I own one of their gorgeous lipsticks the Rouge Volupte in 047. This is everyday ‘yours lipsticks but better’ sort of shade and the formulation is really nice, moisturising and balmy but still has pigmentation. The gold packaging also looks lovely on your makeup top which an added bonus.

My final high lipstick is a mini Lancome lipstick which was my first ever high lipstick which I got in one of Lancome’s Christmas sets as a present from my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas. To be honest its probably my least wore out of them all but its a gorgeous shade with read undertones but still quite a nice lipstick.

I hope you like this post.

Please comment your favourite high end lipsticks as I would love to expand my collection.

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Sarah x

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