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Monday, 22 January 2018

Struggling To Stay Motivated Blogging?

I do have to admit I've been struggling with my blog recently - staying motivated and creating new posts. I've nearly been blogging for 2 years and at the moment my page views lower than usual and I've been questioning what I'm doing wrong with my blog as I feel like I'm not progressing.

So in today's post, I wanted to share a few things I do to stay motivated whilst blogging and enjoy it. 

Don't compare yourself to other bloggers

This is something I have really been struggling with over the last 2 years. As I've never been the blogger who works with lots of brands and constantly gets emails or blogger mail. I know that's not what blogging is about but it would be nice to feel like my blog is good enough to work with brands that I love. So over the last few months, I have learnt don't to concentrate on that and just enjoy your blog and whatever happens happens. And enjoy creating content you love. Similarly, peoples socials and blogs grow at different speeds and DONT WORRY ABOUT NUMBERS!!! Whether its 100 or 100k those people have chosen to follow you.

Write Content You Like to Read

If you can't think what to write, write the posts you like to read or write posts on products to like to use. In the past, I have been inspired to write a similar post to ones I've read.

Take Small Breaks

Small breaks to get back creativity is fine - I've had small breaks and I feel so much more motivated when I return to blogging. As I have new ideas - for Christmas I got a Blogger Journal from Paperchase. The Journal is really useful to write ideas and list post ideas and products I would love to try.

Hope you like this post. Sorry if this post is a bit of a ramble and I hope other bloggers understand. Please comment any other tips you've got to stay motivated blogging and please follow.

Sarah X

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