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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Savouring Memories - Scrapbooking and Printiki*

Keeping memories and saving memories has always been one of my favourite things - I'm a sentimental person. So when the lovely people at Printiki reached out and offered me 30 photos complimentary I couldn’t refuse. 

I love photo album but I think scrapbooking is so much more personal to you as you can add stickers, words, different sort of paper as well as adding tickets etc. I got my scrapbook from Paperchase as they have a great selection but you can also use any notebook you have.

There are many ways you can print your photos for your scrapbook for example Boots or Phtotobox. But Printiki is so easy to use, you can upload pictures straight from your computer, a memory stick and even directly from Instagram, you can choose traditional photo size or go for square like I have you can customise the border and order a variety of different style of photo's straight from your laptop or phone.

If you fancy printing some photos with Printiki I do have a code for free shipping which is FJ6JTDC3 

Hope you like this post.

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Sarah X

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