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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Charlotte Tilbury 'English Beauty' Lipstick

Hi! It feels ages since I wrote a new post but its only been 10 days, I had some school exams which took a lot of time - revising, tutoring etc..  So I want to thank you for your patience over this time and I finished them tommorrow so I will have slightly more time to write my blog.

So I wanted to write about a new lipstick purchase I made which was the Charlotte Tilbury 'English Beauty' lipstick. This was a Christmas present to myself as its slightly more expensive lipstick at £24 as well as I love CT lipstick and this colour looked gorgeous as well as it is limited edition.  And some of you may know I love London and everything to do with London so...

Firstly the packaging of the lipstick is STUNNING!! The box it came in as well as the actual lipstick, I know one CT lipstick already 'Kidman Kiss' so now they look perfect together on my top of my makeup drawers. 

The 'English Beauty' is a pinky nude and very close to my actual lip colour - so its now going to be my  your-lips-but-better shade. It has the 'Matte Revolution' formulation - the formula has soothing orchid help to soften, protect and hydrate your lips. Which is great for a matte lipstick so it's not drying at all, and as it matte its longer wearing.

 Overall I would highly recommend the CT 'English Beauty' lipstick as well as all of the other CT lipsticks.

Hope you like this post and I so glad you be back blogging again.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sarah X 

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