3 Easy Blogging Photography Tips

by - November 06, 2017

Hi chappes,

I know I'm not the best at blogging photography but I thought these  3 easy steps may help any new bloggers with photography. And personally, I have seen my blogging photography has improved over the year and a half I have written my blog. 

1. Lighting  
If your photos are so dark you might not apply to see them properly and in good lighting, there will be less shadow of the products. Either use the prime daylight hours or use a softbox or electric lighting.

2. Don't overground  
Personally the less number of products the better, I think personally. One of my favourite blogger 'Pint Sized Beauty' - who is amazing at blogging photography. Usually only has a few products but surrounds in with small props. And for me you can notice comparing February 2016 - October 2017 there are fewer products and looks less confusing or complicated. 

3. Editing 
I edit all my blog photos - mainly using the editing settings on my Photos. Usually adding brightness, exposure and sometimes erasing some shadows or lines I don't want. 
For example: 
I hope you like this post and someone finds it useful.

Please comment your blogging photography tips and please follow.

Sarah X

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