Whats In My Travel Bag 2017

by - August 06, 2017

Hi chappes,

As it is holiday season - I wanted to share what I have in my travel /carry on bag. Personally I love reading this posts and find them so useful.

I prefer taking a backpack as you can probably fit some stuff in it as well as your hands are free for holding your passport, boarding pass etc. I use a Topshop Large PU Backpack (which unfortunately it is sold out) - but its a nice size with a few pockets and it goes with basically all outfits.

A few beauty products are also essentials for me - a mini deodorant, mini spray, mini moisturiser (I put some of my favourite Zoella body cream in a travel pot) as well as a hand sanitiser, makeup wipes (especially if it an overnight flight) , a Collection concealer and  a mini mascara

Incase I want to sleep on the plane I take an eye mask - the one I ue was free with the L'oreal Miss Baby Roll mascara, It's gorgeous and pink with lashes. 

I also put some Extra gum to help with taking off and landing. 

I always have my phone with headphones to listen to my music as well  as having my own headphones for the entertainment screens.
Such incase I don't want to watch anything, I will bring a book - I'm taking Carrie's book 'On the Other Side'.

Hope you like this post.

Please comment and follow.

Sarah X

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