L'Oreal Paradise Mascara

by - August 04, 2017

Hi chappes,

Some of you probably know that I'm love trying new mascaras so when L'Oreal said that they were releasing a new mascara I had to try it.

The packaging is so pretty - a lovely rose gold / pink colour - which is my favourite colours at the moment. It also means it stands out in my collection.

The mascara promises that it adds intense volume and lengthen lashes. And it definitely does - its a gorgeous mascara great for everyday as well as more dramatic looks. I do like more dramatic mascara as I wear eyeliner so I would like people to see my eyelashes too. 

At the moment I'm loving researching into some of the added ingredients in makeup and this mascara wand is infused with Ricinus / Castor Seed Oil which is effective at growing and thickening your lashes. This oil is in many high end mascaras e.g. Bobby Brown mascara but not many drugstore. So this oil makes it stand out with other mascaras.

Its suppose to be a dupe for the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara - I can't comment as I have never tried the Too Faced Mascara. But it is a gorgeous mascara - the wand does look very similar from pictures I have seen.

I would highly recommend this mascara and it is definitely one my top mascara list.

Hope you like this post.

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Sarah X

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