Zoella Beauty Jelly and Gelato Pink Bath Wafers Review

by - July 30, 2017

Hi chappes,

I love Zoella Beauty products - so when Zoe said her new range - Jelly and Gelato was coming out I was so excited. So as soon as I saw it in my local Superdrug I had to pick a product up and try it. The product I picked up is the Bath Wafers. 

To start with the packaging is really cute - very summery and beach themed. The packaging for the bath wafer is has lovely pink and peach triangles with a ice cream wafer imprint. 

The 'Jelly and Gelato' scent is very fresh - the main notes are Elderflower and Pomegranate. Personally I wouldn't use the body spray of this scent but its a great smell for a bath bomb. 

What I do love Zoella Beauty is the amount of detail on the products  - the Bath Wafer are a lovely pastel pink with a Z imprint and a wafer in print. There are 2 bath wafers per a pack with a 'Do Not Eat sticker on the inner plastic.

Another thing that intrigued me with this bath fizzes compared the ones in the previous collections was that this was suppose to me moisturising. It actually works it felt bit like King of Skin from Lush when I got of the bath. When I woke up the next morning my skin was so soft like I had put moisturiser on. To be honest I always forget to put moisturiser on after a bath or shower so this is AMAZING as it is a 2 in 1 product.

I would highly recommend this bath wafers and I definitely need to pick up some more of these for the future. As well as more products from the collection.

Please comment and follow.

Sarah X

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