Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

by - July 23, 2017

Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to write about an old favourite foundation - the Rimmel Lasting Finis Foundation. I wore this foundation about 3 years ago but i was wearing the complete wrong shade (my orange face shade). Since then I've tried and loved some other foundation. Since then Rimmel have brought out a new lighter shade - Light Porcelain which is great for my pale skin tone. So I wanted to re try this foundation.

The coverage is so good - it claims its a full coverage foundation which I love as I do have a lot of redness. But its a comfort full coverage foundation as some can feel heavy on the face. Personally I can't tell that I have foundation on - that could also be due to be used to wearing full coverage foundation everyday. It was a lovely satin finish - it adds a bit of natural glow which is great especially for the summer. And glory makeup is very in this year.

I've used both a sponge and brush to apply this foundation and it leaves a very similar finish which i like. As some foundation changes by the way its applied -but it still has the coverage.

The shade range is good for the drugstore so good for any skin type.  I have combination skin and its good for all parts of my face It doesn't cling on my dry patches or transfer on any oil parts. 1 downside I have seen that is it can crease slightly on my forehand with any frown lines. If anyone has any tips please comment below.

Overall I would highly recommend this foundation and actually any Rimmel foundations - they are definitely some of my favourite.

Hope you like this post.

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Sarah X

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