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Friday, 9 June 2017

What I've Been Reading, Watching and Listening To Lately June 2017

Hi chappes,

One of my favourite bloggers 'Pint Sized Beauty' wrote a similar post and I love it! So I wanted to write my version of what I've been reading, watching and listening too recently.

Reading - To be honest I don't really like reading books. But I'm a big fan of reading magazines whether thats the Hello magazine or cooking magazines. At the moment I love reading the Slimming World magazines as they have seem really nice low calorie, healthy recipes. But also some inspirational stories of people who have lost a lot of weight.

Watching - To be like dramas/soaps so I love Hollyoaks - best show ever! But I also have been watching the final episodes of Pretty Little Liars. And on Wednesday a new drama walked 'Ackley Bridge' started which I have been watching. Oh and Love Island, I watched it last year and I really liked it so I was excited when it was announced it would be back this summer - 7 weeks of TV sorted!!

I'm also a massive fan of Youtube, so I love watching Pointlessblog, Zoella, Tanya Burr, In the Frow, Louise Pentland  and quite a lot more..

Listening - There is a lot of music I've liked at the moment like Harry Styles new album, Lea Michele album as well as some of my favourite music - Adele 25. I also have been listening to all the music played at the 'One Love, Manchester' concert which was Amazing! 

Hope you like this post.

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Sarah X
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