MAC x Fleur De Force Lipstick

by - May 17, 2017

Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to write a review on MAC x Fleur De Force lipstick which is a new lipstick to my collection and I LOVE IT!! 

MAC cosmetics announced a few month that they are creating new lipsticks with 10 internet beauty influencers. One being one of my favourite Youtubers Fleur de Force creating her own shade for the UK. Which is literally  the dream 

Fleur vlogged her trip formulating her lipstick in the Toronto labs and came up with such a gorgeous nude shade. Her shade is a UK exclusive and went on sale on the 8th May!

She created this gorgeous everyday nude shade - a light beige. I love the formulation - its my first MAC cream sheen finish one and its so comfortable on the lips and long lasting.

The shade matches every eye look and I will wear this ALOT this season.

The lipstick comes in the iconic MAC packaging but the outer packaging is so fun and edgy, with Fleurs signature a extra bit special.

Hope you like this post. And a big congrats to Fleur (she will probably never read this but...)

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Sarah X

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