3 Brands I Love and Want To Try More Of

by - May 22, 2017

Hi chappes,

I also have my eyes on new products and I have released they are all from brands I love. And I saw with one of my favourite bloggers PintSizedBeauty did a post similar to this a few days ago and I loved it so I wanted to write a similar one today.

The quality of Charlotte Tilbury products are amazing and the packaging looks lovely in you collection. I love the formula and pigmentation of her lipstick and her Legendary Lashes mascara. At the moment I have my eye on the Beauty Glow palette.

When I saw NYX was coming to Boots stores last year I was soo excited and there were products are so good for the price. From the formulas of lip products e.g. Lip Lingeries or Soft Matte Cream to the finish of there powders e.g. HD Powders .

Rimmel is probably one of my favourite drugstore brands - it was the first makeup brand but recently I have been trying new brands so not used Rimmel as much. But there have some AMAZING products that I want to try as well as re trying some products that I loved.

Hope you like this post.

Please comment your favourite brands and please follow.

Sarah X

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