My Top 5 Tips For Long-lasting Makeup

by - March 06, 2017

Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to share my 5 top tips for long-lasting makeup as I hate my makeup coming off in the middle of the day, these 5 tips have helped me keep my makeup on all day.

1. Apply Primer - 
Applying a primer makes your makeup stay longer as well as disappearing pores. Applying primer also makes your skin smoother - so your foundation applies really nicely and flawless. I love the Benefit Porefessional Primer.

2. Apply Foundation in Layers -
I've recently found out this tip - applying layers of foundation really helps your makeup stay on. So apply thin layers as if one thin layer comes off - there is still a layer underneath. And this technique prevents caking and creates a flawless build able coverage look. Beauty blender makes this technique easy.

3. Apply Eye Shadow Primer -
Primer prevents your eyeshadow stay all day as its annoying when 2 hours after applying eyeshadow it creases or transfers. This prevents any creasing and makes your eyeshadow last all day the way it was when you applied. I would highly recommend the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

4. Apply a Loose Powder - 
I find the fine loose powder makes my makeup stay on all day. Baking with loose powders especially makes my foundation stay on all day. I would recommend the Collection Loose powder as a drugstore one.

5. Apply Makeup Setting Spray -
When I know I have a long day or on nights out I apply a setting spray and it makes my makeup stay for ages. And is it just me but apply a setting spray feels really refreshing on the skin. I love the Urban Decay Setting Spray or a drugstore alternative the MUA one.

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Sarah X

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