Benefit Dandelion Lip Gloss Review

by - November 03, 2016

Hi chappes,

Today I wanted to talk about the Benefit Dandelion lip gloss I have recently purchased. I have had my eye on this lip gloss for a while and I saw a mini of it in Boots so I had to pick it up.

This lipgloss is a gorgeous pink natural shade - which I love by itself as well as on top of a lipstick. 
The packaging is quite pretty with the green box and the dandelion plant. The lip gloss tube shows the gorgeous pink colour and has the benefit dandelion down the centre.
I really like the formula of this lip gloss as its not ultra sticky like most lip glosses and its pigmented. The formula is also quite long lasting and the colour is perfect colour. And it also smells really nice which is a bonus.
I would highly recommend this lipgloss and I cant wait to try the rest of the range.

Hope you like this post.

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Sarah X

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