Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspiration Reviews

by - July 07, 2016

Hi chappes,

Zoella released a new beauty range around a month ago and it smells soo good. The range is called 'Sweet Inspiration' and its enriched with almonds, cocoa and honey. 

Bath Latte

The packaging of this is soo cute and it is a milk style bottle with a coppery gold lid.
I have tried this in the bath and the shower - i put in tiny bit into the bath and it created the a lovely smelling bubble bath. It does smell quite vanillary and sweet but not to sickly. 
And in the shower and it makes your skin soo smooth and soft. 

Double Creme

I watched Meg Says video and she recommended the double creme to out on after the bath latte. I love it- it smells soo good! The packaging is soo nice and the stripes reminds me of the Brighton beach huts. The 'Z' on the packaging makes it look very posh and expensive. It makes your skin feel soo soft and smell soo good.

Candy Clutch Beauty Bag

I have been a big fan of Zoella beauty bags and the is no expectation. I thought this would be amazing for travelling as its big but also flat . Meaning I can fit as many lip options or eye options as I would like without worrying about space.

I would love to buy all the range- so slowly but surely I will add more products onto this post.

Please comment which product you would recommend me to buy next from the collection and please follow.

Sarah X

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