Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Matte Lip in 'Martha Moo'

by - July 11, 2016

Hi chappes,

Tanya recently released some new collection called the Soft Luxe Collection and i recently purchased 'Martha Moo' matte lip.

If you saw my new in makeup wishlist post you would have seen i  wanted to try an item from her collection. And today i did!

I love the packaging from the range its basically a matte version of the original lip gloss collection. But as its matte it feels more expensive and nicer.

Martha Moo is the nude in the collection and its gorgeous. Its quite a dark nude but its perfect for summer. 
I been loving matte lips as well and its in trend at the moment. And this one isn't drying at all which is amazing!! The formula is so good, its so pigmented and long-lasting. I would highly recommend it  !

Hope you like this post.

Please comment if you have tried any of the Soft Luxe Collection and please follow.

Sarah X

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