Naked Palette Review

by - June 10, 2016

Hi chappes,

I wanted to write a review on the Urban Decay Naked Palette which I recently purchased and was in my Beauty Haul May 2016 Post.
As I've had the palette for 2 weeks so i thought i should write a review on it.

The palette came with Urban Decay Primer Potions Minis which is great and the sample are soo good. The palette has a chocolaty velvet case is emblazoned with the word 'NAKED' in gold foil lettering. Which surprised me as to be honest in photos it look like cardboard but it is actually really good quality. The only bad point is that the mirror is too small, i would love if it has a bigger mirror like the other palettes.

The palette includes: 
Virgin (satin chamois), 
Sin (champagne),
 Naked (matte buff nude), 
Sidecar(cocoa with golden sparkle sheen), 
Buck (matte nutmeg), 
Half Baked (subtle, lustrous bronze), 
Smog (deep coppery bronze), 
Darkhorse (bronze patina), 
Toasted (rich copper), 
Hustle (plum brown satin), 
Creep (onyx with gold sparkle),
 Gunmetal (gunmetal gray with silver glitter).

My favourite shades are probably naked, half baked and smog. But all the shades are gorgeous and I will probably try more shades combinations in the future and more smokey eyes in autumn/winter.

I can't wait to purchase more Urban Decay palettes.

Hope you like this post.

Please comment if you have a naked palette and follow.

Sarah X

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